We deliver the property funding solution for your individual needs
We deliver the property funding solution for your individual needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Snowdon Property Finance?


We get the deal done quickly, painlessly and ensure that you get your funds as quickly as possible.

We have over 25 years experience of arranging finance for all types of clients.

We have extensive contacts with the decision makers within Banks, insurance companies and finance houses.

We get paid for delivering success - our ability to package the right finance helps our clients grow and meet their own strategic investment returns and profit targets.


How much can I borrow?


We have a proven track record of placing deals with debt requirements ranging from £100,000 to £50m. In terms of how much you can borrow, we cannot give a figure without chatting through your needs first.


How much contribution will I need to make ?


Whilst we will look to maximise leverage where the deal can support it, appetite for aggressive leverage has reduced and equity contribution is expected in most deals. However, there still remain structures where we can keep equity to the minimum.


How much will it cost to raise the money?


The fee will reflect the circumstances and complexity of each case. There will be no charge for an initial meeting.  However, if we both believe that there is a workable and deliverable finance solution, a modest commitment fee will then become payable. The remainder of the fee will be payable on acceptance of a loan offer or on drawdown of the loan.


Residential and Commercial investment transactions typically have a lower risk profile and as such, the rates of chargeable interest reflect this. Development finance is currently more expensive.


Snowdon Property Finance will also disclose to clients where it is to receive a procurement fee from the lender.


What interest rates will the Banks charge?


CLICK HERE to see current base rates.


Is 100% development finance still possible?


Yes in the right circumstances .However, there needs to be robust mitigants and typically the costs will be higher.


Am I under any obligation to proceed once we have spoken?


No. We would only look to move matters forward if we jointly believed that a deal could be concluded and only at that stage would there be a modest commitment fee payable.


Do I have to complete an application form?


The challenging conditions currently prevalent in the financial sector largely rule out any ‘off the peg’ funding.  We believe that a deeper understanding of clients' needs and circumstances is needed, and this is best achieved from an initial meeting and discussion. The extent of further information required for any financing solution package will be determined following this initial discussion.

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